The boys we serve are at the heart of our mission, vision and programs.  We wish to share information with you on what actions Encuentros Leadership is taking on behalf of the boys and also share the students’ perspectives of the work that Encuentros Leadership is doing.

Our Encuentros textbook and our organization itself ask the boys to think about and plan toward their responses to the following three questions.  Who am I?  Where am I going? How will I get there?

This student writer, Rogelio Oros, is an Encuentros Leadership student at Valley Center/Pauma Middle School. This student went from a 2.25 GPA to a 4.01 GPA. Here was his essay assignment on being Bilingual.

Proud To Be Bilingual by Rogelio Oros

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosvelt . I go to Valley Center middle school and my teacher is Profe Gonzalez. Since kindergarten I have been in the bilingual program. Being in bilingual program has been helpful to me. Knowing two language is helpful because I can be a leader when I need to. I know being in the bilingual program is not easy but all my hard work is going to pay in the future.

When I wake up to go to school my mom always tells me “Portate bien en la escuela echale ganas” and with those words my mom tells me I go to school to try to learn something new. When I arrive home I tell my dad that school is not easy and he always says the same answer“ Nada es facil en la vida”. My dad works at landscaping and on Saturday he takes me with him to see that working in the sun is not that easy. Every time I go with him he teaches me a lesson about life he always says “Valora las cosas que tienes” That’s why I made a promise to my mom and dad that I would graduate college and get a job where I don’t have to be in the sun.

Those words that my parents tell will be in head every time I do something. Being in the bilingual program is not easy because we do our work in English and Spanish but I know my hard work I going to pay off. My dad and mom have told me to be proud of who I am.

My parents came to U.S to give my brothers and me a better life where we can be someone in this world. At Encuentros they told us that 50% of Latinos don’t go to college. I want to be one of those Latinos that do go to college and make a difference in the world.

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